Thursday, July 22, 2010

ICICI Prudential SMS Care – Send SMS to Customer Care


If you are holding an ICICI prudential policy and you want to check your policy status, net asset value, mobile number registration, helpline alerts etc, you can use your mobile SMS service to do these tasks.

Policy Status: To get the status of a policy and also the next due date for the premium,

SMS PST <space> (8 digit policy number 00XXXXXX) to 56767

Net Asset Value: To get the NAV value and also total fund value for a ULIP policy,

SMS NAV <space> (8 digit policy number 00XXXXXX) to 56767

Mobile Number Registration: To register your mobile number in our records,

SMS REG <space> (8 digit policy number 00XXXXXX) <space> (Policy Owners DOB in DDMMYYYY format) to 56767

SMS Helpline Alerts: To get the list of SMS Helpline Alerts available,

SMS SRV to 56767


  1. How to update mobile number? My mobile number is changed so that I want to update it in ICICI database. Is there any way to register new mobile number?


  2. Call icici prudential customer care and they will update your number.


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